Five must have chrome extensions which every digital marketer must keep in his basket.

Hard work or smart work what would you prefer? Obviously the later.

As a digital marketer, you have worked hard to bring the client on the top SERP but what if I tell you the result could be achieved faster & with less effort.

Believe it or Not; There are numerous chrome extensions available that could help us to automate our work while we focus on more important things & that too without spending a penny.

From stealing competitor’s backlinks, scheduling social media posts, shortening Url’s, Clipping your favorite content across the web to checking website health & Content popularity all of this can be done on click of the mouse.

Curious to know the list, I won’t let you wait more. Here is the list of Top Five chrome extensions which every Digital marketer must have in 2018.


I had a friend who was new & naïve in the field of marketing till he attended a digital marketing course in Dubai. He used to build links for his client without thinking about the nature of links as he trusted the data present on the internet blindly.

And what happened next was a blunder.

Most of the websites he was linking to were not linking to him which means he was knocking on the wrong door.

How does Moz bar help?

Moz bar saves a lot of energy of the marketer’s by highlighting the no follow & do follow tag on a website. It also tells us about the Domain Authority, Page Rank & Spam Score of a particular website.

With Moz bar installed, you will never link to a spammy website.

This is how SemRush looks with a Moz Bar.

Moz tool

SEO Meta

Ctrl+U is the easiest way for some to get the internal insights of a website like Title, description, keywords etc but there are quicker & better ways to do the same.

If are still wasting your time on searching the web dimension with Ctrl+U then its right time to switch to Seo Meta click.

With just one click, all the on page Seo parameters like tiles, description, links ,images Keywords etc are displaced for a page with character count. Isn’t this timesaving?

Seo Meta click has an Add -on section where you can check & optimize your website on various tools provided Google which further boosts your website.

This is how it looks for rent a car Dubai company.



After the closure of Url shortener by Google this tool comes to your rescue.

Now you don’t have to worry about long ugly url’s as with Bitly you can get short & customized Url with a click.

Not only this, you can track & measure the performance of the link that you shortened with this amazing chrome extension.

bitly tool

Ever note

We often find a piece of content on the internet be it a blog, video or image that leave a lasting impression on us . We want to read that piece but due to the paucity of time can’t go through it entirely .

How to save this type of content without creating a mess?

I used to bookmark the link till a got the alternative in the form of Ever note.

Now, you don’t have to search the whole internet to look for that informative blog but a simple click on the ever note clipper will do it for you.

Evernote web clipper

Last pass

Last pass is a password manager which secures all your credentials & protects your mind from a potential bedlam.

With last pass, what you have to do is remember one master password & rest will be done by Last pass.

Can you afford to forget some passwords that can be stored elsewhere & with more security .If the answer is No then Last pass is a viable option for you.

Last Pass


After reading this blog, I hope you have got the extension that you were looking for. If that is not the case, don’t worry.

There are myriads of extensions available for digital marketers & I promise to update the list soon.

Extensions are countless but in the end, what matters is the person who handles these tools. If you want to know how to become that, you should contact seo and digital marketing training in dubai  who are experts of the trade.


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