Choosing Digital marketing as a career in UAE? Five Reasons to Add Digital to your Portfolio

Here are the five reasons Why you should consider upgrading your skills in Digital.

How many times have you switched your channel when an advisement is running during your favorite show or movie! Obviously many times and what about the effectiveness of that advertisement?? Very limited

The reason is obvious! Traditional marketing was based on a model with no targeting features & thus limited effectiveness and was doomed to be replaced by a more effective model of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing

The days are gone when traditional marketing was sole reason for a business to succeed. Now tables have turned and big organizations have already drifted from traditional marketing & are dedicating huge funds for Digital Marketing.

In a country like UAE where 99% of population is on Internet. Digital Marketing has become dire necessity for every small & big business.

The career in digital marketing is next big thing as every big or small organization is taking the Digital path. Digital marketers are in demand due to huge boom and supply shortfall in the industry. If you are a student or an entrepreneur or a marketing related professional, these four things will entice you to take a digital dip:

Skill Crunch

Yes you heard it right. Digital marketing sector is at boom and there is huge scarcity of skilled resources available. According to a report published by the left bank demand for digital marketing talent sits at 56% with active supply of 24% means a gap of 22% talent shortfall. Cxotoday polled 422 top executives from US & Europe and 41% voted for digital marketing as a top hiring skill. So if you are still undecided with your carrier, better to take a digital dive.

Open to everyone

Well you might have often noticed people with certain degrees are eligible for a particular profession but that is not a case with digital marketing; the field is inclusive and open to students from all backgrounds

Fat pay scale

When we choose a particular profession, we are often attracted by the monetary benefits that we would be going to reap after choosing that field and the good news is digital marketers are earning more bucks than their peers. A research conducted by pay scale says that, a digital marketer earns a median salary of $63,000, and as much as $101,481, annually. Another recent report published by shows increase in the salaries from 56% (2016) to 63% (2017) .Isn’t it awesome?

A whole new experience

Most of us get bored doing same things too many times while others get pumped up with  harsh guidelines rules and regulations, a strict dress code and  it is natural. This is a job gives the liberty and freedom you needed; what it is demanding is a creative mind, zest for learning and out of box thinking.


How to start a career in Digital Marketing?

There are wide range of courses available in market from short courses to highly professional Advanced courses which can help you to kickstart a career in Digital Marketing.

If you are based in Dubai UAE. You can opt for any of the Following courses:

1.Digital Marketing Professional Course – Dual Certification Course

(Get certified from Insights, Also get Google Adwords Certification) –48 hour professional course.

2.Digital Marketing Short Business Course

15 hour short term Digital Marketing Course. – (Get certified from Insights).

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